"This place is amazing! Laid out in formal garden style. Beautiful statuary. Bird sanctuary, great place for birdwatching. Paved paths, fountains. Great place for a photo op. They also reserve the garden for weddings. The garden is open for walking"  April 2020
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GOAL:  Restoring The portraits of

George Alfred Endly and Abigail Narcissa Endly   "Read More"

Discover worldly treasures collected over three generations from the four corners of the globe at MacCallum More Museum and Gardens. Hidden away in what seems an ordinary neighborhood, you'll lose yourself in more than 200 botanical species as you stroll through 6 acres of hand-laid stone paths. Marvel at the Spanish Coister, take your picture with Italian sculptures, see one of the largest collections of Native American artifacts around, and much much more. MacCallum More is an excellent choice for a wedding or event and is open for self-guided tours and group tours. Located at 603 Hudgins Street | Chase City, Virginia Visit www.mmmg.org or Call 434-372-0502